• Image of Newborn Posing Guide
  • Image of Newborn Posing Guide

A 50 page instruction guide on how to design, light, create and pose newborn baby portraits. Formatted to 5 x 7 size which you can then print as a spiral bound proof book form you lab, this guide is the go-anywhere solution to creative newborn poses!

•Easy Lighting Set Up
•Bean Bag Set-Up For Smooth Blanket Backgrounds & Creamy Bokeh
•How To Swaddle and Wrap Baby
•How To Sooth Baby To Sleep-The 5 S's that always make our babies sleep!
•Tips on Composition and Set Design
•How to Capture a Newborn "Smile"
•Poses Of Baby Alone
•Poses of Baby with Dad & Mom -Relationship Portraiture
•Poses of Baby with Single and Multiple Siblings - Relationship Portraiture
•Poses of Baby with the Whole Family - Relationship Portraiture
•Specialty Posing With Unique Props
•The Hanging Baby in a Scale Shot & Chin In Hands
•Over 40 different poses included for sleeping baby or AWAKE.
•Baby Safety and More!

Packed FULL of information and great poses that create beautiful composition and emotion in your images, this guide is sure to help you develop your newborn portraiture into Fine Art, give you ideas when you are stuck, and take your photography to a new level.

Baby Safety & Liability

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of newborn portrait photography is that the safety of the baby and your client remain top priority. DO NOT ATTEMPT a pose you are not comfortable with or if you do not have an assistant on hand to help you. PARENTS DO NOT MAKE GOOD ASSISTANTS!! They are to emotionally attached to their children and they have little experience handling babies. Before you attempt any pose in this guide, hire an experienced assistant who knows how to handle newborn babies to help you.

Many of the poses we do are strictly created as composite (merged images) pieces in Photoshop and the baby is never actually in what appears to be the final pose. It is important to never attempt these poses in “real” life! Julia Kelleher, Cr. Photog., CPP and Jewel Images Portrait design, its employees, heirs and all related family members take NO RESPONSIBILITY should you hurt, injure, maim, disfigure, damage or kill a child attempting one of these poses.

By purchasing this guide, you accept full responsibility for your actions and hold Julia Kelleher, her employees, family, heirs and all related harmless from any fault or liability attributed to using this guide.

You are responsible for your clients safety and evaluating that risk!!!!